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Commando Surfcasting bags are made with the highest quality components available. We use the finest Dacron sailcloth on the market today as well as the sailing industries top brand of bonded polyester thread. These materials have been used for decades in the harsh marine environment proving their durability. There is no compromise in quality anywhere on our bags.

Each bag starts with multiple layers of Dacron and is then machined sewn using a specific pattern that will tightly bind the layers of material together and reduce the amount of interior thread that hooks can get caught in. Once this is done, specific heavy duty webbing known for its strength and resistance to abrasion is then used to reinforce ALL high wear areas on the bag. This webbing also adds rigidity and strength throughout the bag enabling it to withstand anything encountered in the harsh environment faced by surfcasters.

Once the main part of the bag passes inspection for quality, the rest of the components of the bag which are made to the same standards, are then added and the bag assembled. The design of a Commando Series bag has been tested and proven to be more than capable of providing a lifetime of reliable service.

DRAINAGE, DRAINAGE, DRAINAGE. You will NEVER have to worry about extra water in your bag preventing you from climbing onto your Magic Rock. Commando Series bags have been designed and tested to drain almost instantaneously. Thatís right even the internal pouch has a Flow-thruTM design that allows water to drain instantly. Most importantly we only use HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL GROMMETS. So, the days of brass that corrodes and turns green with tarnish are over.

Commando Series bags come in all black, black/white interior with black trim, and all white with black trim. All bags come with stainless steel 'D' rings, reinforced belt loops (so your belt does not rub on the Dacron or bag stitching), and a shoulder strap. If you need a little extra custom work added, such as heavy-duty 316 marine grade stainless steel swivel clips, just ask. Just realize they will be blended into the design of the bag not just sewn into the seams which requires a little extra time.


All of our bags are Made in the USA